Technology and Innovation in Education: Interfaces for Digital Skills

Eliseu Chipaco, Luís Gujamo, António Andrade


  • Universidade Católica de Moçambique


Technology, innovation, education, digital skills


This article addresses technology and innovation as inherent elements of 21st century education within a broad context. It is intended here to describe the common elements between technology and innovation. We undertook a bibliographic study that focuses on the analysis of the two elements of technology and innovation, that demonstrate, in different ways, the approach (dialogue) between both, as practices of education of individuals fully inserted into the information and knowledge society. Technology is a phenomenon that has been constituted in the manner, in the environment, and in the context of human action in the world. In education this is a reality for all those who attend educational institutions, allowing for structural changes in teaching and learning methods. On the other hand, innovation is multifaceted and can manifest itself in different ways. Of course, depending on its application, innovation can bring about a transformative dynamic in the field of education, enabling it to meet the challenges of an increasingly global and digital society, focusing on relevant learning that adopts innovative and active pedagogies. It is concluded that both technology and innovation have brought changes in educational institutions, in the way students are accessing information and knowledge, leading teachers to explore teaching methods and learning environments in the digital age, resulting in this way, in educational digital competences as defined by international organizations.

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