The role of Higher Education in Environmental Protection in Mozambique: A Philosophical Reading in the Light of Hans Jonas' Thought

Joao Lazaro, Jaci Candiotto, Clélia Peretti, Anor Sganzerla


  • Universidade Católica de Moçambique


higher education, environment, ethics of responsibility


Based on the ethics of responsibility, developed by Hans Jonas (1903- 1993), understood in light of the legislation of higher learning in Mozambique, as it is exemplified in the work edited by Premugy (2012) and Decreto 46/2018, one observes that the current higher education system in Mozambique is guided by utilitarian principles that do not promote a culture of natural and environmental integration and protection. For these reasons, the present research suggests the need of replacing this education system with another one that is based on Hans Jonas’ ethics which aims to promote the creation of a pro- ambientalist society, based on the principle of responsibility for the wellbeing of society and of the future generations. For the reasons presented above, the present article concludes that there is need to look at nature in a perspective of care and preservation to the benefit not only of nature but also for the wellbeing of the present and future generations. For this purpose, the same research uses a qualitative- hermeneutical research method to analyse the literature already produced in this field, in light of the thought of Hans Jonas and come up with its expected results.

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