Customer Service as a Decision-Making factor in a Mozambican Telecommunications company

Nelson Chacha, Rita Figueiras


  • Universidade Católica de Moçambique


Customer Service, Satisfaction, Relation, Continuous, Improvement


The present article presents the results of research conducted for a PhD thesis in Communication Sciences. In essence, an attempt was made to answer the question: how is customer service a driving factor in the construction of relations between a telecommunications company (mcel) and its customers? With a comprehensive base and with dimensions based on strategic and operational areas, the study was based on a mixed methods approach. In terms of representativeness, we opted for the collection of quantitative data, focusing on a simple random sample, built through the lottery system, aided by a questionnaire whose internal consistency was validated and tested using the Cronbach Alpha coefficient. The quantitative analysis was based on descriptive and inferential statistics, supported by the SPSS (Statistical Program for Social Science) and the method of trajectory analysis. Qualitative data were collected through documentary analysis, using focus group interviews and treated by conjugation of content analysis and triangulation. The study reveals that the importance of customer service in building the relationship between mcel and its customers lies in recognising it as a tool to build a competitive advantage, especially since in the mobile telephony sector technology and products are undifferentiated. On the other hand, clients use customer service to evaluate the quality of service and decide their provider. Customer service in the telecommunications company (mcel) is positive, however, there is a need for continuous improvement, in order to maintain customer satisfaction and business stability.

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