Group Learning Strategies. Student and Teacher Perceptions

Ana Satiel


  • Universidade Católica de Moçambique


Study strategy, Learning, self-regulation


The learning process in higher education was marked by certain changes in the way we are presenting the study. The student becomes a correspondent of his own learning. Through this article, we seek to understand what study strategies students use to develop learning on the part of the first year students of the Human Resources Management and Marketing and Public Relations courses, which started in 2016, and their teachers, especially in the subject of Mathematics..The study assumed a methodological design of case study and the qualitative approach was based on the comprehensive and interpretive paradigm. The results led to the conclusion that the learning strategy that students use most is group study, where they solve exercises and consolidate a subject together, but it is the responsibility of each student to study more individually, depending on level of assimilation of the learning material. Group study can enhance learning and develop the self-regulation process, but for this, there are additional conditions such as student and teacher responsibility, commitment and focus.

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