Ethical and Deontological Challenges in Exercising the Functions of Higher Education Teachers: Perceptions of Teachers at the School of Management, Science and Technology (ESGCT)

Crisália Tuto


  • Universidade Católica de Moçambique


Ethics, deontology, higher education, teacher, professional


Ethics as a science has principles that help to guide the individual's behavior within his social context, in order to ensure his high-level socialization capability in inter and intra-personal relationships. This article aims to analyze teachers' perceptions about ethical and deontological challenges in the framework of their functions in higher education. To achieve that objective, a qualitative research was performed, to better understand the ethical and deontological challenges in higher education, from the perspective of teachers' perception. The data collection process was made possible from a semi-structured interview. The research results lead us to reflect on the teacher's role as an ethically consistent professional, with a high sense of responsibility and whose main mission is to prepare the individual for society and for life. They also show us that there are recurrent cases of academic fraud, psychological and cultural immaturity of the student, which makes difficult the action of the teacher, although it is also possible to speak of the lack of professionalism in some teachers.

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